soon to be wife . mama to ahimsa.
expecting our little rowan in january 2015


"my mantra is an orange flower."

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"I think whoever said the gilbert grape thing meant behaviorally not physically because Arnie's character had autism lol." - Anonymous

Oh….well great then. I don’t know. That kid is a lot older than ahimsa so that doesn’t really make any sense that he acts like him behaviorally. I think he slooks like him in the eyes, so that’s what I thought they meant

"You know who your son reminds me of? have you ever watched whats eating gilbert grape? Arnie. He reminds me of Arnie. Hope hes okay." - Anonymous

He does look like leonardo as a kid. They have the same face and eyes but leo has blonder hair and eyes and is just whiter looking haha

"How do u know demes facebook status is about you? what if he found someone else or hes talking about something or someone else?" - Anonymous

Lord in heaven I pray he did find someone else so maybe I will never enter the messed up mind of that fucking asshole again. Amen

Unfortunately at this time it is obv he is talking about me and unless someone wants to go shut him up it will continue to piss me off and mostly just weird me out