soon to be wife . mama to ahimsa.
expecting our little rowan in january 2015

I don’t even remember what ahimsa liked when he was one…weird stuff mostly that other kids didn’t like, same way it is now probably. I have a toddler with the interests of an 8 year old so I’m not a good judge of these things. Like honestly what two year old’s favorite thing is nature documentaries and scooby doo/ninjas turtles/legos legend of chima. He thinks he is an 8 year old. I didn’t like scooby doo till I was so old, same with tmnt. I was watching barney and sesame street and playing with blocks at his age. He is like building giant lego communities, doing 40 piece puzzles and playing pretend with action figures all day who are bad guys” and “good guys. I birthed a strange one.

What are the best toys out right now for a 1 year old? People with one year olds what does your baby like? I have to buy gifts for a boy.

❝I want to live so densely, lush and slow in the next few years, that a year becomes ten years, and my past becomes only a page in the book of my life.❞
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I don’t really care for the term ‘leak’ in regards to the swiped celebrity photographs.

If you’re taking a bath and somebody comes and scoops out a bucket of water, your tub doesn’t have a leak; somebody is a thief.

Let’s call this what it is. Larceny.

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  • Calum Hood: *sends nude video to someone on Snapchat willingly*
  • everyone: CALUM OGHGMDN
  • everyone: #weloveyoucalum
  • everyone: that girl was SO rude for releasing it tho
  • Jennifer Lawrence: *iCould gets hacked and nude photos are posted without her consent*
  • everyone: oh my god she's such a slut
  • everyone: she shouldn't have taken the photos if she didn't want them released
  • everyone: thank you to whoever leaked those